Bring Fall Indoors

Modern room with DIY wooden furniture and blackboard wall

The beginning of fall is a fun time of the year for both children and adults. Exciting holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. Spruce your home up with accents related to this festive time of year.
Pumpkins as a CenterpieceIf you have ever walked through a grocery store or watched commercials during autumn, you have witnessed America’s obsession with pumpkin everything. From coffee to cereal, there is no doubt that pumpkins are a staple during fall.

Of course, the most popular way to use a pumpkin as a centerpiece is by carving a face into it. Traditionally, a small candle is placed inside to illuminate it in the dark. For extra safety points, consider using a battery-powered LED light instead. Take carving up a notch by trying out advanced patterns. Find artwork online for inspiration, it’s amazing what you can do with a little patience and practice.

A few other good ideas to make a statement with pumpkins are to add them to an attractive display featuring baskets, accent flowers and painting them different colors. Or, consider covering mini pumpkins with a clear dome and showcase them on a fireplace mantel.
PineconesAnother way to tell fall is here is seeing the ground littered with pinecones. Even if you don’t have a cone-producing tree in your yard, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a neighbor or family member would be thrilled to let you take them home.

Get your whole family involved to participate in engaging crafts like:
Pinecone roses: Paint the outer shell in different colors and attach them to stems from the tree for a standout display.
Make a spider: Googly eyes and pipe cleaners can make anything look humorous, even a pinecone spider.

Bird feeder: Cover a pinecone with peanut butter and stick bird frame to its outer shell. Hang it from a tree and enjoy the new wildlife in your yard.

For most crafts involving pinecones, a hot glue gun will be your best friend. Check with your local hobby store for the right tool to fit your demands.
Hay, fall!Hay bales are another staple during fall decorating. With a few bales of straw, attractive flowers and cornstalks, you can create a display that makes your front entrance stand out.