Media mis-reports border separations story

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In one of the TJ/SI articles in the June 21 edition, Senator Robert Menendez is quoted as saying, ”The America I know does not put children into cages.” Oh, really Senator? Ever since the Clinton administration signed a federal court consent decree in 1997, children apprehended unlawfully entering the United States have had to be removed from their parents. Thus, chain link security fencing within open-space facilities has been used to manage the mostly teenage population in the Clinton, Bush 43, Obama and now Trump administrations. Most of the MSM photos used in recent weeks were taken in 2014 during the Obama administration. Obama defended the need for such facilities during the illegal crossings surge experienced in 2014. Despite controlling Congress for eight years, Obama did not correct immigration issues he faced. Did he have an ‘open borders’ political agenda?

Let’s be far clearer than many stories written since the recent focus on the separation of children from their families. NYC based ProPublica has been a source of information used by the MSM. It is rated as having a “left-center bias” by a media monitoring organization. They were ‘caught’ using 2014 video with a recent story without clarification. They also pushed the video of a crying two-year old girl claiming she had been taken from her mother. What a sick lie! There goes their Pulitzer.

Most stories refer to “the border” without clarification. “The border” includes ports of legal entry. If people have proper paperwork such as passports, visas, green cards, special guest worker permits, etc. they are admitted without incident. If people are seeking asylum from life-threatening issues in their home country, they are admitted for investigation. Absent any collateral crime (drugs, prior deportation, etc.) the persons, including children, are admitted to holding facilities while their circumstances are investigated case-by-case. Most are subsequently released into our country with a court date. Few comply with appearances in court and become eligible for apprehension and deportation. They aren’t separated from their legitimate children. Sixty percent of border agents are of Hispanic heritage.

The issue of separation of parents and child(ren) only comes into play at points along the border where illegal immigrants cross and are apprehended by law enforcement doing their Congressionally mandated jobs. It is variously estimated that only 75% of border jumpers are apprehended. About 80% of apprehended teens (10,000+ to date 2018) were already separated from their parents in their home country.

Many parents were paid by drug cartels to use their teens as mules to smuggle drugs into the US. Over 60 million lethal doses of fentanyl have been interdicted so far this year not to mention opioids, heroin and cocaine.

Women and teen girls often have to pay protection and transportation monies to the cartels in the form of sexual favors. Last week, ICE agents stopped the rape of a girl. Amnesty International found an 80% rape rate. I am sure many pray for apprehension. Violent criminal gang members such as MS-13 also cross, 75% un-apprehended. Ask the Hispanic families on Long Island about illegal immigrant MS-13 “animals” who have slaughtered their loved ones. While NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio was at the border on June 21st, 15 year old legal immigrant Guzman Feliz died after a machete wielded by gang members nearly decapitated him. When the assailants are caught, dollars to donuts they are illegals.

Complicit in the unlawful crossings is United We Dream, a Washington DC based, insider-trading billionaire George Soros and federally funded 501-c3 that provides the app Notifica which preemptively supplies canned amnesty answers for immigrants apprehended crossing illegally. Once families and teens reach holding facilities, they are supplied access to immigration attorneys by DHS and HHS.

On its’ Website, United We Dream offers ‘up to $200’ to take an immigration survey and ‘join’ their organization. They boast 400,000 members. They have worked closely with Mexican-born Minnesotan Irenio Mujica and his Washington DC based and Soros like-funded Puebla Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders). Mujica was involved in the 2014 caravan from Honduras which caused the aforementioned Obama-era surge. US fugitive George Soros is the Open Society Foundation which advocates a single worldwide community and governance.

Relying largely on the misinformation proffered by the anti-Trump biased MSM, the bobbleheads have predictably risen to the surface. Actor Peter Fonda suggested on social media that Barron Trump be put in a cage and victimized by pedophiles. Robert DeNiro, who, pre-MeToo, was extensively interrogated during a French procurement investigation several years ago, recently spewed hate of Trump during an annual self-aggrandizing ceremony. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have totally ignored facts when confronted by their favorite pastime, uttering untruths to the MSM. MSNBC’s Racheal Maddow turned on the tears instead of reporting facts. The bigger one’s platform to inform, the greater one’s responsibility to speak “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Time magazine has a despicable cover this week. A two year old Honduran girl is photoshopped in at the feet of our commander-in-chief. According to a Honduran official, the girl and her mother left Honduras against her father’s will and she never left her mother’s care. Do you think Time will own up to it? Sounds like yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

We currently have 12 million undocumented aliens in the US. According to the Angel Families, since 2001, 63,000 people have been killed by undocumented aliens. Angel Families are survivors of the 63,000. One piece of legislation proposed to solve the immigration problem is to essentially open our borders. Another man running for Congress wants to disband ICE. Actress Cynthia Nixon, running for NY governor, was on that ‘think-tank’ The View this week calling ICE a terrorist organization. Talk about idiot-fringe.

According to Sussex County’s own Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network in speaking on May 3rd with guest Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, the immigration issue is being “trumped up,” so to speak, to take away from President Trump’s success with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un and with the imminent failure of the Mueller investigation. Very plausible.

As a father of three, grandfather of eight and great-grandfather of two, I love all children. As a police officer, I protected all children within my area of responsibility and as a paramedic/EMT, I have saved many children’s lives, occasionally at risk to my own life. I find despicable the use of children for partisan political purposes.

Senator Menendez should take the lead of Congressman Gottheimer and, using facts not palaver, become a “Problem Solver.” Nineteen years are eighteen too many to codify the Clinton-signed consent decree. Time to stop playing the blame game and start a sane game – a bipartisan solution should not be difficult since both sides of the aisle have favored the same solutions at one time or another.

P.S. The MSM’s apoplexy over Melania’s designer rainwear by Zara was totally inappropriate. Her destination was forecast for heavy rains. “I really don’t care. Do U?” was a form of protected speech, not aimed at the immigration situation, but rather the MSM.

Eskil S. Danielson, MA


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