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Our newly elected governor, Phil Murphy, just signed a deal raising salaries and pensions with the public sector union, CWA, without knowing the cost. We have elected a mirror image of Jon Corzine, a Goldman Sachs executive, who believed that raising taxes and providing more benefits to unions could somehow stimulate the economy and, instead, sent NJ into an economic tailspin.

Do you want to:

• Make NJ a “sanctuary state” and provide free legal services to the undocumented?

• Legally challenge the tax reform bill that is stimulating the economy and creating jobs?

• Legalize recreational marijuana believing that no one under 21 will ever be able to buy it?

• Give $7.5 million NJ tax dollars to Planned Parenthood in addition to the $500 million Federal dollars we already give?

• Raise taxes on the corporations that provide the livelihood of a major portion of NJ residents?

• Raise taxes on millionaires and the rest of us as well with a sales tax increase?

• End the bear control hunt which has proven effectual in stabilizing bear population growth?

• Make community college free which would also increase taxes?

• Raise the minimum wage to $15 even though it has resulted in less employment where tried?

• Strengthen NJ gun laws which are already the nation’s 2nd strongest?

New Jersey is adopting the same failed policies that have driven millions of people out of California. You can tell our NJ government what you think at these sites: www.state.nj.us/governor/contact/, Senatenj.com/ , www.njleg.state.nj.us/

The benefits of a smaller NJ government, the funding of bereft pensions, and lowering taxes despite a super majority Democrat legislature are about to be erased by the actions of our new governor and legislature. What made us turn away from conservative economic principles that make life better for everyone? If it was just Christie’s brash personality and talk, we as voters have to become more aware of what our politicians are actually doing, instead of how politely they make expensive promises.

Luann Byrne


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Journalists are not the Enemy
  • Aug 16, 2018


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