Two sides (or more) to every story

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There are two sides (or more!) to every story or issue. This adage couldn’t be truer than in the matter of the Second Amendment. The “walkouts” by students should be applauded for the interest those young people have taken, However, there is another side to “gun control” – self-defense by young people.

Snopes has found several interesting cases on point.

1. 1988 – Switzer, SC. 11 year old William Knight shot and killed two burglars with his father’s .22 cal. rifle.

2. 12/2006 – Harris County, TX. 17 year old male faced down 4 armed intruders killing 2 with well-aimed shotgun blasts.

3. 10/2012 – 12 year old Oklahoman Kendra St. Clair shot but did not kill a burglar who was arrested.

4. 1/2015 – 11 year old Michigan girl grabbed her father’s shot gun and hid in a bathroom closet when a burglar entered her home. He high-tailed it when she came out aiming the gun at the criminal.

5. 8/2015 – 11 year old St. Louis, MO, boy was home with his 4 year old sister. Two male intruders, one 16 and one 22, entered his home not knowing the boy had armed himself. The 16 year old was killed and the man was arrested.

There were pro-gun students at Parkland’s MSD HS, but they were drowned out by the well-funded and pre-organized anti-gun side. Many students wished their late coach had been armed. Even the pre-disposed media selectively avoided pro-Second Amendment students.

Everyone should support elimination of ‘bump stocks’ and for strengthening of mental health and criminal background checks. Elimination of the Obama-endorsed, Broward County “Promise Program” might also help. Schools should not be encouraged or permitted to hide on-campus criminality in order to look better in the educational milieu.

Eskil S. Danielson, MA


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Journalists are not the Enemy
  • Aug 16, 2018


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