Young consumers at ShopRite of Byram

Victoria Tynes, Quinten Post, and Grace Curran

BYRAM — Third grade students from Green Hills School became the “adults” at the Young Consumer Day Program held last week at the ShopRite of Byram.
This program is very popular among elementary students and unique in so many ways. The months-long program teaches students about good nutrition and the value of a dollar. Young Consumers also strengthens math and logical reasoning skills, and teaches students how to apply their knowledge outside the classroom walls in the real world.
Charged with the task of feeding a family of four nutritious food on a $100 budget provides a “real life” experience for these young consumers. Reading labels and making healthy food choices in addition to solving math and critical thinking problems at thirteen math stations throughout the store makes for an enriching day at ShopRite.
RoNetco Supermarkets, sponsor of the program, owns and operates ShopRite stores in Morris, Sussex, and Warren Counties.