Byram looks to subcommittee to solve building dilemma
Township Council asks for members of the public to serve

Byram Councilman Harvey Roseff

Staff report
Byram — Having been stopped twice by residents in their efforts to construct a new municipal building, Byram’s mayor and Township Council have decided to form a seven-person subcommittee to help identify a path forward to resolve the need for either upgrades to the current structure or a new building.
According to Township Manager Joseph Sabatini, the subcommittee will consist of a council person, the township manager, a member of the planning board, and four members of the public.
In its release, the governing body’s said it would like “that the four public members have some background in engineering, architecture, project management, construction, or other relevant related fields.”
But, the release added, “even if you don’t have something to offer in one of those fields you may still be considered.”
Council Member Harvey Roseff, who spearheaded the petition drives that sank the two attempts to finance the building and won election to the council due to this activism, said the council was united in considering this subcommittee as the way forward.
“Most importantly, the subcommittee should keep in mind the cost of the project and the impact on taxpayers,” Roseff said. “Of course, we will need access to professionals. But I think there is no better person than a taxpayer to evaluate the new building in terms of cost.”
In 2016, Byram residents garnered enough signatures opposing an $11 million ordinance to finance a new municipal building to force the township council to rescind the ordinance. Last year, residents submitted another valid petition that caused the township to rescind its latest new building ordinance to bond for over $7 million.
Officials said meetings of the subcommittee will be announced publicly and public participation will be encouraged. The intent is to have several meetings over the next few months and have recommendations to present to the council this September.
“We are not in a rush,” Roseff said. “We want to do this right.”
According to officials, anyone interested in serving on the subcommittee should submit a letter of interest and a resume to Doris Flynn, the township clerk at:
For more information on the projected subcommittee, please visit: <URL destination=" ">