Response To: Everyone Blames The NRA

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(Editor's note: the following is in response to a letter published last week:

As I sat and read a lifetime member of the NRA pout about student opposition to the unfettered dissemination of Weapons of War I too shake my head, but at his willful ignorance of the law surrounding the Second Amendment as previously explained quite elegantly and simply by Mike Vrabel on March 20th: A ban on these weapons of mass slaughter is not in violation of the Second Amendment.

Mr. Lifetime’s citing suicide, depression, bullying, stabbings and the “boob tube” as the root causes of violence is credible, but they are nothing more than NRA’s talking points used as a distraction from an honest discussion regarding the devastating affect Weapons of War have on innocent people. Mr. Lifetime’s equating people dying in vehicular accidents with mass shootings could only be argued by someone who overdosed on “boob tube” news delivered by Fox Noise. If the NRA leadership want to blame the lunatics–– well they don’t have far too look.

We can all agree with Mr. Lifetime that violence, with whatever tool is handy, needs to be stopped, but maybe some tools should be harder to acquire and/or banned. And, it should be noted, when the Second Amendment was written in 1791 the individual’s right to bear arms was pre-existing in both common law and in early state constitutions and necessary for people’s very survival: To provide food and protection for their families in a mostly rural America, therefore, no amendment was necessary, except, to regulate an armed multitude as was later prescribed under the First and Second Militia Acts passed in 1792.

Mr. Lifetime’s claim that AR15’s are not Weapons of War conforms to today’s gun manufacturer’s falsely classifying them as a “modern sports rifle”, yet, they are legally classified as an “Assault Weapon” because of the military enhancements made to “pattern rifles” since 1916. And, may I add, AR (so named by the manufactures) stands for Assault Rifle.

I do not blame the NRA’s rank & file for the slaughter of innocents as they may be my friends, neighbors, colleagues and fellow citizens who are for the most part responsible gun owners. I blame the rabid leaders of the NRA and gun manufactures who overreach in promotion of Weapons of War as paranoids and/or profiteers. Weapons that are easier to obtain and use than automobile registration and a driver’s license.

It would be nice if Mr. Lifetime NRA had the same sentiment given to himself, to give to the majority of other people who would like to enjoy their Constitutional right to expect their government to protect their domestic Tranquility, general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for themselves and their Posterity–– the latter having been most recently denied to seventeen families.

J. P. Curtis


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