In defense of decency

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What’s right is right, no pun intended. If we are going to get anywhere in this country it will have to start by us all being willing to recognize classy and honorable elected officials, on the left or right. Frankly I don’t know how else we can encourage them and hold on to them.

I don’t mean to argue with anyone, it’s just not my way! I feel compelled though to speak up about comments recently that involved Senator Oroho, Assemblymen Wirths and Space. My comments are with regard to our Senator and Assemblyman Wirths however as I really don’t know Mr. Space and it wouldn’t be appropriate to speak of him.

Let me get right to the point, Steve and Hal are two of the finest gentlemen and public officials I have ever met and have come to know. I go back decades with the Wirths’ family, to the time Wally Wirths was a name, a force and a true personality in our region. If you never met Wally, you missed out on a great experience. I was fortunate to have him support a number of my efforts even though I was a recognized Democrat in my leanings in those days and he was an arch Republican. Truth is you can’t keep two patriots apart. Hal is an entirely different version of Wally, has an entirely different approach to achieving the same worthy goals. He is dedicated to our country and has his own style in representing us and making us proud he is there for us.

Steve Oroho is the, “ forget about it, hands down beautiful guy”, we want out in front of us. Decent, level headed and effective. In some issues he has been outright courageous when we needed him to be. What he has done to advance the needs of Sussex County and his entire district working in our state capital is terrific. He has worked to establish a reputation as honest, informed and reasoned, goals he has clearly met.

Guns are quite an issue right now and will be for some time. While a number of folks are not happy with the rather conservative statements made by our legislative team regarding the issue, I suggest patience. The early gold to be found here may not be in what has been said but in what has not been said. While I intend to continue to offer my personal opinion, I also plan to respect those of our local leaders and attempt to bring rational change to our nation.

I suggest when it comes to Steve and Hal that you get to know them, work with them for common sense measures. They are definitely two of the good guys out there, actually two of the very best.

Mike La Rose


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