Trump and the willfully ignorant

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Years ago as a young third mate on oil tankers I got into a rather heated difference of opinion with an old Norwegian seaman on my watch. He ended the discussion with the observation that stayed with me the rest of my days. "Young man, " he said, " I don't think you understand everything you think you know." I understood, later, that the old sailor perfectly described to me what I now refer to as my Willful Ignorance. Would that the president and his minions of mis-guided apologists had learned that lesson also.

Mr. Trump's approval rating is in the low thirties. The Fox News talking heads command about 33% of the market. Coincidence? Hardly. Friends that I know as Trump fans have admitted to me that they don't read the papers. In fact, like the immoral ignoramus they idolize, they don't read much at all. Hannity, Limbaugh, and the innsufferable Mark Levin supply all the input they need to know regarding State or International Affairs and that's good enough for them and, by extension, our country. But it's really not good enough, is it?

Just like that young third mate years ( 50 years ago) most Trumpists in our midst are convinced of their position without the inconvenience of unlearning what they already think they know. While people can be justified in maintaining a well-thought out position, willful ignorance is inexcusable. And I'm calling out the majority of Trump apologists with a resounding 'You are not only wrong, you are LOUD wrong." Turn off the TV, read and learn that this deeply flawed individual is nothing more than a lying, bigoted and bullying charlatan, who has no business representing us before the world.

John Klumpp


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