Everyone blames the NRA

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As I sit and read about student walkouts, marches and the demonization of the NRA, I shake me head.

I sit and shake my head at the total lack of understanding of the root causes of violence in our society and schools. It is nice that kids have found their voice, but maybe they need some introspection and knowledge first.

Recently, a 12 year old young girl hung herself due to cyber bullying, No firearm was involved.

Recently, a young man felt the only outlet to cure his pain from daily bullying was violence against those that preyed on him. That was thankfully stopped. His peers failed him, the school failed to protect him, We failed him.

A new show is on the boob tube. It glorifies some women who turn to violence ' to make ends meet ' — robbery using firearms, glorifying the negative use of firearms and violence as comedy. Yep, they are Good Girls.

Recently, a stabbing spree happensed in PA. Not a firearm was in sight. How can that happen?

Yet, somehow the NRA is at fault, somehow gun owners are at fault, somehow my rights need to be suppressed due to the actions or inaction of others.

We can all agree that violence with whatever tool is handy needs to be stopped. But the wholesale demonization of some of the most law abiding people in the nation continues unabated.

Statistically 93 people a day die in vehicular accidents — yes every single day. I do not see a call to ban cars. Really who needs a vehicle that can travel at 100 plus mph? Where is the outrage?

What people think are "weapons of war on our streets" couldn't be further from the truth. The AR15 pattern rifle is not an assault weapon. It has been given that moniker by those that do not know what they are speaking about.

Back on 9/11 some Muslims with box cutters took over some planes and used them as bombs. They burned my mother and cousin alive, killed kids I grew up with and crushed some colleagues and friends.

Everyone said don't judge them all by the actions of a few.

It would be nice if that same sentiment given to them, could be given to our fellow citizens who enjoy, own, collect, compete with and otherwise use firearms for all lawful.purposes in this nation. Yes, including the AR15 pattern rifle.

So when we bemoan the NRA and it's membership, remember one thing - we are your friends, neighbors, colleagues and fellow citizens.

Who needs an AR15 ? Last I checked, it was not a bill of needs, but a bill of rights.

Yes, I am the NRA and I vote.

Nick J. Chiarchiaro

NRA Life Member

Glenwood NJ

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