To the U.S. president from a concerned citizen

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As one of the many millions of American citizens whom you represent, I feel that it is not only important, but critical to the success of democracy, to maintain an open dialogue between constituents and representatives. As noted in the precedential Gettysburg address by Abraham Lincoln, America was, and must remain, a nation with a ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people.’ This is ingrained in the very souls of countless American patriots. As such, it is the primary duty of our leaders, particularly the President of the United States, to ensure that these ideals are maintained, and that American citizens enjoy the same privileges universally, indiscriminate of their origin, background, and otherwise.

As a responsible citizen, I pride myself on staying informed on the events that are transpiring, and how they may impact myself and our shared future. In so doing, I have repeatedly found myself a stark opponent of many of the ideas and platforms that you promote, many of which, in my opinion, are not beneficial to your constituents. I am a member of an entirely different generation than your own; therefore, it makes sense that we would have these opposing mentalities. However, unlike those who have adopted a laissez-faire approach to government and society, I am not reserved in my criticism of our nation. It is the fiercest patriot who fights for the perpetual betterment of his homeland, a duty that requires us all to consider the present issues of our nation, and, subsequently, to act in the advancement of these ideals. I can tell you with certainty that my generation will not stand witness to causes and movements that do not support the wellbeing of its citizens. Time does not allow for inaction in 2018.

It is my intention with this letter to urge you to consider your actions, both private and public, and how they may affect the very citizens who have provided you the privilege of occupying the highest office in the land. The presidency is an institution with which one must not tamper, nor treat with any lack of care. To the children who have grown up in the American system, it has always been of the highest desire to one day become ‘President of the United States.’ The most-important part of this desire, however, is the following mantra that we have all heard from our elders in some form or another: you can become anyone you want to be in America, as long as you work hard enough. The beauty of America lies not in its wealth and power, but in the people who have fought since the inception of this nation to end persecution, relying on the idea of unity that is proclaimed in the very name of our country. Thus, it is with the utmost humility that I ask you to consider the magnitude of your responsibility as President, and to act accordingly.

The Presidency can no longer serve as your outlet for outlandish fantasies without roots in reality, nor as the platform through which you wage personal warfare against those of different opinions than you. This pettiness is undignified, and must stop. You have been elected President to serve the people. By demeaning and attempting to belittle others, both domestically and internationally, you continue to adulterate the honor of your office with selfish intentions. If there is anything on which we can all agree, it is that there is much progress to be made in our nation. Your obligation to serve is one that does not include pursuing your own interests; once again, it is the American people who must remain your primary concern.

As a renowned businessman, you undoubtedly understand the value of being able to transact business, or to make compromises, as it were. It is very apparent that there are deep political divides between the Republicans and Democrats, as well as within each respective party. Throughout the Obama administration and at present, this bipartisanism and inability to reach compromise has been a thorn in the side of our democracy. The people of the United States have called upon you to take action; it is with the intention to improve the lives of your constituents and fellow citizens that you must work every day. The decisions that are being made now are impactful not only in the present, but will, in one way or another, shape the future of our nation. Nobody questions that you are a patriot; so, let’s ensure that, in the increased global competition and tension in the 21st century, America stays amongst the leaders of the developed world.

Although I cannot say that I supported you politically throughout the election, it is my reverence for the office that you hold that has encouraged me to reach out to you. Many who know me would say that I am exceedingly critical of the American people and our way of life. The simple truth is that I absolutely detest wasted potential. To say that America has unlimited potential to reach is a declaration of our unified mission; only together may we hope to make meaningful progress.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my letter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Schiumo


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