High caliber chiropractic care comes to the county
Kittatinny Chiropractic & Wellness Center on High Street

Chiropractors Dr. Jesse Burrini and Dr. Stuart Levin Photo provided

By Laurie Gordon
NEWTON — Community comes first for two chiropractors from Fredon. Dr. Jesse Burrini and Dr. Stuart Levin opened Kittatinny Chiropractic on February 1st, and these doctors love Sussex County, are role models in the community and are now committed to bringing top-notch chiropractic care to the area.
Drs. Burrini and Levin have been friends and peers for over 20 years. They met at Life Chiropractic College and each has followed a highly successful career path. Burrini was living in Sussex County, and on visits, Levin fell in love with the area and moved his family to Fredon. About a year ago, the two decided it was time to join forces and open up a chiropractic center in Sussex County. With skills that compliment one another, Kittatinny Chiropractic & Wellness Center thinks globally, with the numerous modalities they know how to perform, and are now acting locally to bring the best in chiropractic care to the area.
“I have a passion for Sussex County,” Burrini said. “This is where I grew up and where I raised my family. To be able to help the people in my own community is exciting and an honor.”
Levin said, “Now at this stage of life along with raising a young family, I choose to bring this knowledge and experience to my home town of Fredon/Newton where I can provide the same great level of care I give my patients in Bergen/Passaic counties. Now I can be close to home and my family and enjoy the benefits of a small hometown family-based business.”
Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts that deals with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the neuro muscular-skeletal condition. Chiropractors address the muscles, nervous system and skeletal systems specifically in the spinal column.
“Although chiropractic treats the spine and nervous system, we have seen great results with treatment of patients with headaches, asthma, high blood pressure and bowel obstruction just to name a few,” Levin said.
Several things set Kittatinny Chiropractic & Wellness Center apart from other chiropractors. These include the fact that Burrini and Levin rely on the heart of what chiropractic is all about: physically manipulating the body.
“Kittatinny Chiropractic is a great place in a perfect location in Sussex County,” said Julie Seames, of Fredon. “The doctors are amazing and want to improve the health and wellness of all their patients. My daughter suffers from migraines, and the care and expertise she is getting from the doctors is great. Her migraines have lessened and she is feeling good each day.”
Seames daughter, Amber, is a stand out basketball and softball player and attends Kitatinny Middle School. Like many athletes, Kittatinny Chiropractic has helped optimize her body's alignment so she can perform to her top potential.
“In contrast, you see a lot of chiropractors moving to using machines and the like to do this. We feel that the best result comes from performing chiropractic care in the way it was originally meant to be,” Burrini said.
The doctors pride themselves on being available when patients need them, and on their bedside manner.
“We are certain to listen to all of our patients' concerns, make sure our patients are comfortable and walk them through what we are going to be doing to improve their health,” Levin said.
Nineteen years later, after living in the same town of Fredon for 14 years, the doctors have created the true home town, family-based chiropractic and wellness center each has always envisioned.
Fredon resident Bob Mangino is well known in the community as a businessman, being president of Kittatinny Youth Lacross, his long tenure as a youth soccer coach, and for his involvement in civic concerns.
He said, “I couldn't happier that doctors Jesse Burrini and Stuart Levin have opened a new and modern office in our area .Both doctors have treated my family for years myself after a terrible car accident and my son after a whiplash concussion. We received excellent care and couldn't be happier that they have opened Kittatinny Chiropractic as a partnership . Both Dr Burrini and Dr Levin are heavily involved in our community through youth sports coaching and fundraising, as well as supporting our schools and local political initiatives. They provide a great professional environment while still providing a personal touch.”
“We are looking to increase the health and well being of every patient we treat,” Levin said. “We offer chiropractic manipulation, physical modalities, spinal P.T., massage therapy and nutritional counseling. We specialize in treating sports injuries, post-traumatic injuries/M.V.A. Injuries, neck and back pain, sciatica, pediatrics, headaches, wellness, and x-ray/diagnostics.” “One of our biggest challenges was to make sure we found a location that was centrally located,” Burrini said. “We couldn't have asked for a more state-of-the-art facility and location in this medical building located across from Newton Memorial Hospital.”
“One of the things we pride ourselves on is being accessible to our patients. People are welcome to call at any time and we'll accommodate them,” Levin said.
Both doctors are vested in the community. Burinni has been involved in coaching both youth football and Kittatinny Youth Lacrosse for many years, and Levin has been a supporter of One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR) and has supported many school fundraisers.
Kittatinny Chiropractic & Wellness Center is located at 222 High Street. For further information and to make an appointment, call 973-300-5667 or contact the doctors via e-mail at: drburrini@kittchiro.com or drlevin@kittchiro.com. A grand opening celebration involving the community the doctors serve is being planned for some time in the spring.