Trump will be among the greatest

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The following letter is in response to Mike LaRose ( and liberals in general:

The presidential electoral process is what it is, so if you don't like it, leave.

"Sadly clinging to Trump"? You poor, pathetic, misguided, not to mention arrogant Hilliary-loving fool. You and your idiot like-minded lost souls aren't good enough to kiss the ground the president walks on. So, keep believing in your fake news outlets (like that "seditious rag" the N,Y. Times) ansd trusting in buffoons like Pelosi and Schumer.

There was no Russian collusion, period.

But wait. I can offer you some edifying redemption: Watch Fox News and listen to Rush on a daily basis and, before you know it, that boatload of leftist prevarications you hold so dear will cease to hold water.

Still crying over the elections? Well, get over it because Donald J. is going to be the president for the next seven years. Oh, and here's another prognostication that I hope sticks in your craw. Fifty years hence (and without question) Trump will be regarded as one of the greatest American presidents ever. Choke on that.

Gregory Agen


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