Murphy's loud silence on Menendez

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For a decade, I have worked side by side with my legislative colleagues in the Democrat Party caucus. I know them personally, am fond of them, and have worked with them to accomplish good things.

I have met Phil Murphy on a number of occasions, and I do suspect that he is paying close attention to his political handlers. They are telling him to play up the little things, because the big things are always a lot tougher to handle. We all know what the little things are. A lot has been written about them already. Especially when you consider all the big issues that are being ignored, or not getting the attention they deserve.

Mr. Murphy, I learned a long time ago that you should extend to others the same consideration that you would like provided to yourself. That means if you say somebody is "evil," expect to have the same said of you. I tried not to do that in my dealings with my opponents, but was not always as successful as I wish. However, working together I know we were able to accomplish good things for the people of New Jersey.

Mr. Murphy recently called upon Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno to issue statements on some items that his campaign team obviously thinks are important. At the same time, the Observer reports that Mr. Murphy is remaining silent on the corruption trial of United States Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and that he told the reporter "he hasn't thought about whether a convicted Senator should leave office."

I'm not going to comment on Senator Menendez and his troubles. I can only pray that the process and the verdict be truthful. But Mr. Murphy, if you are vying to be the chief executive of New Jersey, I believe it is about time that you do some thinking about the big issue of political corruption and take a position on whether or not a convicted elected official should leave public office.

Your campaign team might not want you to play politics with this, but you need to tell the people what your thinking is on this. You owe it to the people, if you want to be their Governor.

State Sen. Steven Oroho (R-Sussex)

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