Oroho and Space: Soft on public corruption

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We completely agree with Senator Steve Oroho that convicted elected officials should be removed from office. Once a public figure loses the faith of those they represent they should find the door. At the same time, while it is not illegal to snap photos and make jokes in front of a confederate flag, and it is also not illegal to have a confederate flag tattooed on your left arm, these careless acts have led many of Senator Oroho's constituents to lose faith in Assemblyman Parker Space. And even though he claims that standing with the most symbolic visual of slavery and division of our great nation is a "little thing", we disagree and we have lost faith in Parker Space's ability to represent the 24th District and deliver for our families and our neighbors.

So this begs the question, Senator Oroho, if you believe so strongly that our elected leaders should "take a position on whether or not a convicted elected official should leave public office" how come neither you, nor Assemblyman Space, are sponsors of any of the bipartisan bills that are pending before the legislature on this topic? As the next Assemblywomen from LD24 we will stand up to racism and at the same time sponsor legislation to combat public corruption unlike our current legislators.

Gina Trish

Kate Matteson

Democratic candidates for state Assembly from the 24th District

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