Tulsa Trail students graph the result of their canned goods collection

Tulsa Trail students voted on best (teacher) costume and donated a food item for those in need. Students then collected teh data and turned it into a graph. (Photo provided).

Tulsa Trail held its annual Cans for Costumes on Wednesday Oct. 31. Miss Douglas and Mrs. Neu organized the yearly event that brings in food for those in need. Students were asked to bring in a canned food item. Each item counted as one opportunity to vote for his or her favorite teacher Halloween costume. Mrs. Neu, along with various students, collected and tallied the total “votes." Miss Douglas’ class collected and analyzed the data and dipicted the results with a bar graph. Miss Douglas and her Finding Nemo costume received the most votes. Mr. Sutton was runner up. Tulsa Trail collected more than 400 cans that will be donated to a local food shelter.